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New Practice Members at
Joint Space Chiropractic

We look forward to welcoming you to Joint Space Chiropractic! We’ll send you a link to complete your new practice member paperwork prior to your first appointment.

Our initial visit is $145 and lasts for 1 hour.

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Your First Visit

Our friendly team will welcome you, and then you’ll meet with our chiropractor, Dr Epplett-Fletcher for your consultation. He’ll talk with you about your health history going back to the day you were born, as well as your current health concerns.

Next, he’ll conduct a thorough examination. This will include a chiropractic spinal exam to locate the source of any problems, three INSiGHT® scans (sEMG, heart rate variability and thermography) to assess how your body and nervous system are functioning, neurological exams to test neurological innervation, and orthopaedic assessments to test the integrity of specific areas of your body.

If Dr Epplett-Fletcher believes X-rays are needed, he will refer you out for those. Plan to be with us for about 1 hour for this appointment.

Your Second Visit

Your follow up visit will take place within a few days. We’ll go over the results of your assessments and any X-rays, explaining the underlying cause of your symptoms and laying out our recommendations for your customised care plan. We encourage your questions! When you are ready to begin, you’ll receive your first chiropractic adjustments at this visit.

This appointment typically takes about 20 minutes.

Ongoing Visits

Since we’ve already specifically located and analysed the areas of your body that need correction, your regular visits will consist of a quick re-analysis, followed by comfortable, safe and specific adjustments to your spine. That’s all there is to it—your body takes care of the rest!

These visits usually take about 10 minutes, but we never place a time limit on your appointment. Nobody is ever rushed in and out of our clinic!

Get Started Today

Contact us today to book in for your initial consultation with Dr Epplett-Fletcher. We can’t wait to meet you!

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