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About Joint Space Chiropractic

Our Mission

exterior photo of our buildingThe caring team at Joint Space Chiropractic is passionate about our mission of serving as many people as possible in the Hastings and Hevelock North, Hawkes Bay community. Helping individuals and families achieve their highest levels of health is what motivates us every day—and we’d love to help you, too!

In addition to contributing to the health of the community, we are excited about the community of natural health-minded practice members we have created within the clinic.

Our History

Our chiropractor, Dr Taylor Epplett-Fletcher is a native of Hastings and always knew he’d return home to practise. He discovered chiropractic care as a practice member after being injured in a serious car accident in his teens. Experiencing first-hand the powerful effects of chiropractic care inspired him to look into chiropractic as a possible career.

He attended New Zealand College of Chiropractic in Auckland and worked as an associate there briefly. He and our co-owner and practice manager, Keeley Swinton, made the move back to Hastings to open our practice and raise their family near the beach.


Focus on Long-term Health

Too many times, people don’t receive the care they need to correct the problem at its source. That’s where we’re different! We want to get you out of pain, of course—but that’s just the beginning of your health journey. Our approach is to offer the care and education you need to create and maintain optimal health and true wellness for a lifetime.

We help people from newborns through elderly, and from all walks of life with precise, customised care designed to help you reach your own unique goals for life.
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Better Results, Faster

Our focus on education is evident in our Better Results, Faster workshop that we hold for practice members and their family members. We give you the information you need to supplement the care you receive in our office on your own so you can maximise your results as efficiently as possible.

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Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with Dr Epplett-Fletcher. Our initial consultation is just $145.
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